Friday, January 16, 2009

That's Not a Question, Answer Phone!

I was emptying out the recycling bin because my birthday is garbage day this year. I had to work hard to untwist the lid of an old peanut butter jar and it emitted that awful stale wood smell that I knew would come.
At the bottom of the bin I found a Christmas card from last year. Gar and Trick put an aphorism in their cards and I often appreciate them. That must be one of the reasons that this one was on my fridge for about a year until I put it in the bin. I opened it up and read the note a couple of times through, then decided that I was still not ready to throw it away. The card goes back on the fridge for another few months.
I was still thinking about it while I hauled the bag of used kitty litter to the garbage and then went back to get the bucket of dog shit bags. I upended the bucket into the trash while uttering my usual silent thank you to garbage men for making life easier and less smelly. They are Christ figures to me.

After pouring another cup of coffee I texted the Chrismas quote to a few people and thought "Happy Birthday to me."

"There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way."
--- Thich Nat Han

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